All Saints Clinic Patient Testimonials


Thanks largely to the advent of the Internet and World Wide Web, the clinic's services have been appreciated worldwide. Below are some of our satisfied patients -we hope to add your testimonial too!

  • What you've done for two 'old folks' who thought we were all washed up is something I can't dare to tell my friends. Bless you all.
    [Ellen McClusky, Redondo Beach, LA]

  • After watching a documentary on the use of testosterone gel to boost libido, I ordered some Andractim from Dr Roles after my prostate screening came up negative. At 57 years old I had the classic symptoms of what I now know as the "male menopause", tired, lack of sex drive and generally feeling washed out . Now I feel like I'm in my teens again and can't believe it's taken me so long to discover this amazing product!
    [Eddie Havers, Cincinatti, Ohio]

  • ...I think I caught my gynecomastia at the right time. Two weeks and two tubes of andractim drastically reduced the enlarged area, I would say about 70%.
    [Dan Kerney, Miami, Florida]

  • Impotence is a terrible condition. You have gone some way to improving my quality of life. Thanks for the discreet delivery of my  Caverject.
    [Karl Wojciechowski, Salzburg, AUSTRIA]

  • I found All Saints by accident while browsing the web. It was the luckiest accident of my life.
    [John D. Markhaller, Wisconsin]

  • I am writing to thank you all, and especially Dr.Roles, for the attention I have received. Please keep me on your list of patients.
    [Peter Hughes, Cardiff, Wales]

  • Thank you Dr Roles. My order arrived and am very pleased. In my experience Cialis is much better than Viagra I have tried.
    [Robert Bonnet, Lyon, FRANCE]

  • The cheap Cialis I bought from a so called "web pharmacy" turned out to be fake and quite dangerous, to the point I was laid up in bed for two days. Subsequently, I found your clinic and a way of ordering Cialis, the genuine Lilly tablet. Safety comes foremost, especially at my time of life, rather than saving a couple of bucks.
    [Ed Wallace, Boston MA]

  • For two years I had been telling my own doctors that I had a problem. They didn't care and wouldn't listen. A pal introduced me to the clinic and within two weeks I was on the mend. Can't be bad.
    [Dennis Pitcher, Ithaca, New York]

  • It's amazing to think I can receive an order from halfway across the world in a matter of days. My husband and I are delighted!
    [Jill Fagan, Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND]

  • After you helped me my girl friend also became a patient. Our sex life has never looked back. Wow!
    [Lance Prowski, Riverside, CA]

  • My doctor said I'd gotten too old for it. You've shown me just how mistaken doctors can be.
    [Kurt Mullbauer, Denver, Colorado]
  • When the diabetic doctor said I'd never have sex again I was devastated. Now, thanks to your doctor's help, I know he was wrong.
    [James Preston, Vancouver, British Columbia]

  • What you have done for my husband has saved out relationship. Things are better than ever now.
    [Nedra Ramirez, Stanford, Ct]

  • When I found the clinic I'd tried a few things for my impotence, but there was no-one I could really communicate with. Your medics soon diagnosed the problem and put me on the right tablets. Now I feel twenty years old again.
    [Gordon Olway-Brown, Penstom, Fla]