Testosterone Gel for Gynecomastia, Gynaecomastia, Male Breast Enlargement

Gynecomastia, a prevalent embarrassment

Gynecomastia or Gynaecomastia (British spelling) is a troublesome condition that is believed to occur in as many as thirty per cent of young males. In it, there is development of breast tissues, often to the extent that they resemble female breasts, hence the name of the condition, Gynecomastia or 'woman-like breasts'.

Gynecomastia can appear in two forms, genuine or 'real' and similar or 'pseudo.' In real Gynecomastia there is actual breast tissue present. In pseudo Gynecomastia there is no such breast tissue and the appearance is due to an accumulation of fat, part of a general overweight tendency. In this condition weight control and exercise reduce the problem. In real Gynecomastia such efforts are fruitless.

Causes of "real" Gynecomastia

  1. Hormone changes during puberty. These are common and often disappear after a few years.
  2. Medication. Several prescription-only drugs can, in some way, simulate the effects of female hormones and cause real Gynaecomastia. These include heart medication such as Digoxin and some blood pressure and anti-ulcer drugs like Zantac and Tagamet. Another offender is the anti-AIDS drugs known as Retroviral Therapies. Yet another is the familiar Proscar used for non-malignant enlargement of the prostate gland, - a very common problem in older men.
  3. Diseases. Other conditions like tumours of the testicle and pituitary glands can produce Gynecomastia. It is also a known complication of serious liver disease especially when this is due to alcohol intake. Less common congenital syndromes can also be associated.


Normally, before any case of Gynecomastia is treated there should be a full pathology investigation. In practice however, most cases are temporary and are not serious in nature. Many therefore feel that these costly tests are not required at the start. A simple, short-term treatment can sometimes be all that is needed. This can often be achieved with Andractim. In general it enjoys an approximately eighty per cent success rate.

However, it is not safe to continue prolonged treatment by this method. Response is generally rapid, within about ten days. After two or three tubes have been used, there is unlikely to be any further progress over what has by then been achieved. We are therefore only able to supply a maximum of three tubes to any user. After that, further treatment must be under the direct supervision of a physician.

Method of use

Squeeze out the required amount of gel. Note: Always squeeze from the bottom of the tube.

The spatula supplied has, on one side, a groove which, filled end-to-end with gel represents 2.5G of gel or one half of a normal dose. 

Dose: Apply 5G of gel (2 spatulas) directly on the chest. This should be done daily for a period of 3 months. 

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place. At normal room temperature Andractim retains potency for 5 years. Keep away from children.

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