Fake Andractim Alert!

Don't Take A Risk!

Unfortunately, some of our newer patients have drawn our attention to some dubious websites selling a product misleadingly labeled as Andractim. Please be aware that genuine Andractim is a prescription medicine and must be prescribed by a doctor.

We now have a number of patients who have had some very unpleasant experiences including the following:

  • A rash or burn where the product has been applied
  • Migraines
  • Vomiting
  • No effect whatsoever. "Expensive brylcreem" was the phrase used by one of our patients.

Of course, as with any scam, seeking recompense or a refund usually proves extremely difficult.

Steps you can take for your safety:

  • Ensure a qualified doctor is prescribing genuine Andractim.  Remember, it's a prescription medicine.
  • Check the prices -  are they too good to be true? This is a common ploy as can be seen by many sites selling fake Viagra and other prescription medicines. If you are in any doubt simply ask yourself if it's worth the health risk.
  • Check the means of payment - we've all heard of the "PayPal only" scams on the Internet which make it easy for dubious traders to sell their wares on the Internet.

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