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The All Saints Clinic

The All Saints Clinic is an entirely British owned and staffed facility on the Eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The clinic first opened in 1978 and has been in continuous operation in the UK or in Cyprus since that time.

The island joined the European Union in 2006, and has been chosen as the clinic's current centre of operations because of its superb communications, safe banking options and unsurpassed security.

From the clinic, a whole new series of medical options has been made available via the internet, most of them for the first time anywhere. We stress that all departments and facilities are under the direct supervision of our own experienced British doctors. Our two senior consultants are both British born, trained and practicing physicians.

The clinic's new internet facilities have long been available to patients of the clinic on a personal basis. Thousands have used them over the quarter of a century of the clinic's existence. You can have the same confidence in any facility you wish to use. Furthermore, we try, at every point, to keep fees and costs to the absolute minimum and we truly believe that you will not find services of such a high standard at a lower cost anywhere in the civilised world.

Dr Steven Roles

Dr Roles on a dive in CyprusDr.Steven Roles was born in Great Britain. He was also trained there, has been in practice there for most of his working life, and has served on the official British medical register for over twenty five years. After qualification and his intern years he enlisted as a regular military doctor for five further years and saw active service in several parts of the world. He is a family man with a strong personal interest in water-skiing, scuba and sailing.

After several years in general medical practice he began to develop a special interest in the problems of Sexual Medicine. At that time, when this field was scarcely even recognised officially, he saw that it was an area of vital interest to the human lifestyle. He became well known for his advanced views and outspoken opinions.

During that time he formed the two private clinics that have occupied most of his time since. Under his own name and his various pen-names, he has also written over twenty books and more than two thousand articles for both the professional and general press.

Nowadays, - as his own age increases he says - the doctor's particular interest lies in the health and welfare, and particularly the sexual health and welfare of that most vulnerable group, the older man.

Apart from his international lecturing tours, Dr Roles currently shares his time between UK and our various facilities in Cyprus. As he is now in his sixties, we are constantly pressuring him against any question of voluntary retirement! He assures us that there is no need for such talk as yet. We, and the thousands of older patients who consult with him can feel confident of his help for a long time to come.

Once you are registered with us and have undergone the initial consultation process, you will be able to receive repeat supplies of your medication through our Express Ordering System at competitive prices, usually 10% or more off our normal prices. Once you have completed this questionnaire you will be issued with a clinic PIN (Personal Identification Number) allowing you to further consult with one of our doctors.

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You can contact us through the following methods:

Email: enquiries@allsaintsclinic.org

Post: All Saints Clinic, PO Box 60-246, 8101 Paphos, Cyprus